Blackbelt Cooking

Martial artists tend to become a bit obsessive about training and their art. They spend free time practicing, studying, and talking about styles, famous martial artists, and the history of martial arts. Some of us even schedule our vacation time around martial art events. I would like to take the opportunity to extend that obsession into another area of your life: the dinner table.

Chef working with flaming pan
JKN Kassie hard at work

It only makes sense, really. We focus on self-defense in so many aspects of our lives, why should we ignore the damage we may be doing to ourselves by eating foods that could shorten our lives? Take responsibility for your diet and nutrition as much as you do your fitness and physical safety. “Blackbelt Cooking” is a way to do that. We’re going to start by making some videos and putting them on our YouTube channel and Facebook. We’ll work up to having actual classes. It will be like attending a cooking show in-person.

We’re building a course curriculum right now starting with basics like these:

  • Scheduling: Taking the time to cook in our busy lives can seem like a luxury. How do we take the time to cook the best foods for ourselves and our families?
  • Science: What’s the latest science in nutrition? What foods should we include or avoid? How do we know who to trust?
  • Flavor: What’s the best way to get the most flavor without resorting to pre-packaged or restaurant food?
  • Techniques: You may be able to defend yourself from a knife attack, but do you know the right knife to use to prep your veggies?
  • Variation: Just like martial art class, doing the same thing in the kitchen can be boring and make you want to quit. By learning some form and technique, you can provide endless variation for your family.

The plan is to arrange a course that will take students from basics to advanced techniques. You’ll advance through a rank system, just like in Kuk Sool. It should be fun and hopefully, we’ll all learn a few things!

Feel free to email me or use the comment section if you have questions or ideas about Blackbelt Cooking.





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