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  • Past and Present

    Past and Present

    Just found this old photo from ten years ago and thought I would share it beside the one from this year.

  • Sparring Workshop

    Sparring Workshop

    I want to host a sparring workshop in early April. This workshop would mainly be for those interested in attending the tournament at the end of the month but will be open to all students. We currently have testing scheduled for April 1st, so I think the following weekend, April 8th would be better. I’ve […]

  • Martial Art Endurance Training

    If you are a student of mine or a reader of this blog, then you know that I’m working hard on endurance training. That’s what this article is about. There’s a kind of “hierarchy of needs” to martial art training. When we come in as a White Belt, everyone has a different level of talent, knowledge, […]

  • Evolution

    Five Hundred Facebook followers. I waited for a long time to get to that goal. I wrote a lot of posts hoping to add one or two more “likes”. It worked. The likes kept piling up, slowly but surely. Finally, when I was away at CEP (WKSA’s Continuing Education Program), it happened. I was at 499 […]

  • Midwest Tournament Plans from Shiljang Nim Krystal

    I want to update everyone on our plans for the weekend of the Midwest Tournament in St. Louis, April 24th through the 26th. Jido Kwang Jang Nim Jack Harvey, who runs Kuk Sool Won of St. Louis with his wife, Joo Im Kwang Jang Nim Lee Harvey, usually arranges a really good rate for us at […]