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  • So…Ukraine?


    Yeah. I think it’s important. No, I’m not Ukrainian. No, I don’t know any Ukrainians. And, no, I don’t think my little contribution will change anything globally.

  • Debut Novel

    Debut Novel

    Last February, after working for over a decade, I published my first novel, Flight. It’s available wherever you buy books. All the online stores have the eBook. Books-A-Million can order it for you from Ingram, and the library can get both physical copies and eBooks through their normal channels. My author’s name for this project is K.G. Ring.

  • Dojahng Protocol and Ancient Lessons

    Dojahng Protocol and Ancient Lessons

    This article was originally published in our June 2007 newsletter.  Dojahng Protocol is confusing for many students and parents. Why? Simply put it is all foreign to them. The art we teach and all of what we do is related to Eastern philosophy. A person who has never studied these concepts will have a difficult […]

  • United Outrage

    United Outrage

    I’m going to assume that you’ve seen the images and read the stories of the man dragged forcibly from the United flight in Chicago. The story has gone viral via several recordings of the incident that were widely shared on news and social media. I usually avoid watching the news. I like to feel good, […]

  • Martial Arts and Muncie Community Schools

    Martial Arts and Muncie Community Schools

    There are no two ways about it: Muncie Community Schools are in trouble. I won’t go into my personal opinions, but the bottom line is that teachers and students are going to suffer through no fault of their own. People are trying to get to the bottom of the financial situation, and people are working […]

  • Reblog: Students or Members?

    Reblog: Students or Members?

    I’m sharing a little post that I wrote a few months ago. Take some time to think about your relationship with your school. Taking care of your martial art school is an essential part of training.   As I work on longer, more involved blog articles, I wanted to take a moment this weekend to […]

  • Americanized


    Have you ever hear someone use the word “Americanized” as an insult? Maybe not directly, but in an insulting way? I have, and it’s getting harder for me to keep quiet about it when it happens. Here’s why. When someone laments the “Americanization” of something, they are speaking from a culturally conservative point of view. […]

  • Peace

    Background Remember the sixties? The music, the riots, the wars. Ok, not that great. Maybe the music was ok. And since I was born at the end of the sixties, I can’t really say that I remember them either. One thing that did come out of the sixties that was cool was the movement towards […]

  • Some views on Martial Art Training in Muncie, Indiana

    Which is more different, our art or our philosophy? The last time that I counted, there were about twelve martial art schools in Muncie. That’s a lot, don’t you think? The purpose of this blog is to tell you what I think of the other schools. There are several ways for me to speak here: […]