No Fighting

I’ve talked in the past about the term “fighters” and how Muncie and East-Central Indiana have produced some of the best full-contact fighters in the world. I’m not here to take anything away from them or combat sports.

I need to make it clear, however, that that is not what we do. I’m not a coach, I’m a martial art teacher. People have come to me looking to crosstrain, to find something that will give them an edge in the ring. I don’t accept them into the school. In my opinion, combat sports are separate from martial art.

Dojahng Protocol and Ancient Lessons

This article was originally published in our June 2007 newsletter.  Dojahng Protocol is confusing for many students and parents. Why? Simply put it is all foreign to them. The art we teach and all of what we do is related to Eastern philosophy. A person who has never studied these concepts will have a difficult…… Continue reading Dojahng Protocol and Ancient Lessons

March 9th is the WKSA New Year

It’s time to set your goals! The ninth of March is the anniversary of the founding of Kuk Sool as the traditional martial art of Korea. Fifty-nine years ago, our Grandmaster, In Hyuk Suh, organized and systematized Korea’s indigenous martial arts, becoming one of the most important figures in Korean martial art history. This anniversary is…… Continue reading March 9th is the WKSA New Year

Blackbelt Reading List

I’ve been working on this project for over ten years. It’s not finished, but I’m sharing this work-in-progress in the hope that it will become a community project. So, the original idea was to have a list of books that will guide the Blackbelt Candidate and help focus their mind on training. It has expanded,…… Continue reading Blackbelt Reading List

I Don’t Want to Hurt People

“I Don’t Want to Hurt People” I’m hearing this expressed a lot lately by students and others. This article is an effort to clarify my views on hurting versus injuring, and how pacifism is entirely compatible with a martial art lifestyle. So, first of all, wanting not to hurt people is a good thing. We…… Continue reading I Don’t Want to Hurt People

Why Everyone in Muncie Should Train at Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie

My last post ended with me saying that Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie might not be the right martial art school for you. This post will tell you why we probably are the right school for you. When people come to me looking for a martial art school, I always ask them why they want…… Continue reading Why Everyone in Muncie Should Train at Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie

What is Kuk Sool Won?

I want to take some time this week to talk about the martial art system that we teach at Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie. These are questions that I frequently get when talking to potential students. If I missed yours, let me know in the comment section. What does Kuk Sool Won™ mean? Kuk Sool…… Continue reading What is Kuk Sool Won?