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  • Elimination Diet

    Elimination Diet

    My diet didn’t survive a weekend of traveling. For one thing, my wife didn’t cook like she usually does before we travel. She’s a bit…frugal, and usually doesn’t like spending money to eat out if she doesn’t have to. I had counted on that quality of hers, but this time she did almost no cooking […]

  • Turning Nutrition Upside Down

    It struck me recently that I’ve come to view nutrition completely different from most people, even people who think along the same lines as me. When most people think of starting to eat organically they think of vegetables, salads, and produce in general. I used to as well. Now, though, I’m becoming increasingly convinced the starting […]

  • When You Care Enough to Train the Very Best

    I’ve practiced martial art for a while now. I’ve seen people of lots of different sizes and shapes train. I’ve seen very fit, athletic people who definitely looked the part of the martial artist, and I’ve seen men and women who would be considered obese do amazing things that almost defy reason. As a society, […]

  • Fasting Update

    Fasting Update

    I won’t say that a two-day fast was super easy, but it was MUCH easier than I thought it would be. So much so that I seriously considered going longer. Day one, I was hungry in the afternoon and evening. Day two, I was almost not hungry at all. Once in the afternoon and once […]

  • Time to Experiment

    Time to Experiment

    More than three weeks of eating clean and no weight lost. I am happy that my body composition appears to have changed. The casual observer (which I hope you all are) would not notice, but it seems to me that my subcutaneous fat (below the skin) is increasing and the abdominal fat is decreasing. This […]

  • Back to Paleo

    So, last week I returned to being serious about my Paleo lifestyle. I eased up over the holidays. Actually, from the end of summer on through the end of the year, I was fairly sloppy with my diet. Not eating hamburgers and swilling coke, but having pizza multiple times per week and not being too […]

  • Primal Eating – Week Three Recap

    Week three was an atypical week for me. It was spent travelling, staying in hotels, and in day-long workshops. My diet was not perfect, but not horrible either. I had several deviations, some of necessity, others of weakness. I had pizza twice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Both times were after long marathon sessions on […]

  • Primal Eating – Week Two Recap

    Things are easier and harder. Good news: Most of the craving is gone. As I get farther (or is it further) away from a lifestyle of ingesting grains and sugars, the cravings for them are becoming less and less. I think that I am beating most of the addictions to them that I had. Bowls […]

  • Primal Eating – Week One Recap

    First, just a quick description of what I, my family, and some others in the school are choosing to do with our diet. It is called eating “Primally”. There is a huge movement right now about eating a Paleolithic Diet – that is eating like our ancestors. They lived, thrived even, on a diet of […]