Referral Credit

The toughest part about running a martial art school is getting new students in the door. The newspaper is all but dead; most people use ad blockers on their browsers, billboards are crazy expensive, and I refuse to advertise via text message or autodialers. I depend on my blog and word of mouth as my […]


I don’t know if it’s a guy thing, or just a “me” thing, but a lot of people have trouble telling when I’m serious or joking, happy or angry. Even people who know me well sometimes can’t tell if I’m just thinking or getting ready to blow a gasket. So, ever the helpful teacher, I’ve […]

St. Louis Tournament and Testing Recap

As usual, the competition in St. Louis this year was intense. Lots of tough competitors attend this tournament. Also as usual, even though we had few competitors, we acquitted ourselves well. For our school, the weekend began with Blackbelt Testing on Friday evening. We had three students testing, JKN Anna Dodd, began testing for Second Degree […]

Was: Cleaning Day, Now: A New Day

This is a strange post to be writing. Initially, I was going to request everyone’s help next month to spruce up the school. I wanted to take a Saturday afternoon in the middle of May and do some painting, plant some flowers, etc. Here’s the email that I sent to the Senior Center. Hi Judy, […]

A Look Back at Twelve Years

Tomorrow Kuk Sool Won of Muncie will officially celebrate its twelfth anniversary! We had our first class on April first, 2005. We didn’t have any regular students yet, we hadn’t finished painting, and we didn’t have the carpet down. My little sister, Trinity was there in her new uniform, along with my kids and my […]

Sparring Workshop

I want to host a sparring workshop in early April. This workshop would mainly be for those interested in attending the tournament at the end of the month but will be open to all students. We currently have testing scheduled for April 1st, so I think the following weekend, April 8th would be better. I’ve […]

Guest Post from PKJN Ben Mitchell, Peoria, IL

Hello, Kuk Sool Won of Muncie! WOW….here we are in JUNE already – less than two weeks until Grand Master Suh, and the Executive Masters arrive. On July 30th, we will be hosting our 1st Heart of Illinois Tournament, here in Peoria, and you are invited to attend! We have pre-registration, so forms need to […]

Students or Members?

As I work on longer, more involved blog articles, I wanted to take a moment this weekend to share some perspective with my students and parents. I have shared this before, but it’s important. Thanks for taking just a minute to read this post. Your instructors here at Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie work very […]

Religious Freedom

1. As a member of the Kuk Sool Won, I pledge to obey the rules of the association and to conduct myself in accordance with the true spirit of martial arts. 나는 국술원 회원으로서 회칙을 준수하며 무사도 정신을 발휘할 것을 맹세 한다. 2. I pledge to be loyal to my country and to promote the […]