Consider this the obligatory paragraph where I promise to be better at blogging and keeping the site updated. I want to share with you some of the things that are going on with me right now. Nothing life-threatening, but it is impacting my training. Allergies So, I’ve been suffering from a skin condition on my […]

Five Basic Exercises for Martial Artists to Build Strength

There are several components essential for fitness in general and self-defense specifically. Those are: Strength Flexibility/Mobility Speed Knowledge/Understanding This article, like our classes recently, will focus on Strength. As we move through the year, our focus will shift, and I’ll post articles on the other components. In the Classroom For those of you who aren’t […]

Summer Endurance Training

Starting next week, we’re going to focus heavily on endurance training. I’ve been studying and getting into the science of it. I mentioned last month that students need to purchase some sort of wearable heart rate monitor. The only functionality that we’ll need is the ability to set alarms when your heart rate gets outside […]

Summer Endurance Training

After Super Seminar later this month, we’re going to focus heavily on endurance training. I’m studying and gaining a lot of understanding on the subject. I want to get into the science a little more, but I’m confident enough to work on programming for the adults (and older teens). What students need to do to […]

Advanced Myofascial Release Technique

This is an advanced version of the myofascial release that we did in class the other day. This focuses on releasing the hip to relieve tension in the lower back. There’s a TON of stuff online about it if you’re interested in going farther (and I recommend that you do). Let me know what you […]

When You Care Enough to Train the Very Best

I’ve practiced martial art for a while now. I’ve seen people of lots of different sizes and shapes train. I’ve seen very fit, athletic people who definitely looked the part of the martial artist, and I’ve seen men and women who would be considered obese do amazing things that almost defy reason. As a society, […]