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In honor of Valentine’s Day, if you bring your partner with you, you can learn the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool Won™ for free for the rest of February with no obligation to join.

If you want to continue training with your sweetheart, we’ll give you a sweet two for one deal. Drop us an email at to get started.

From the Archives: Martial Art Tuition

I’m sharing this article because it is the way that I would like to do things. Not everything in this article is still correct, but I wish that it was. However, it is still my policy not to turn anyone away simply because they cannot afford tuition. Please see the Scholarship Program for full details.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

I’ve talked about this before, but I want to revisit the topic again for those of you just tuning in.

Martial art school owners have unique relationships with our students. We are at different times, teacher, shop keeper, drill sergeant, mentor, advisor, salesperson, building supervisor, collection agent, and friend. It can be uncomfortable especially for a person like me who are not outgoing. My goal is to keep things as simple as possible and yet maintain a professional relationship with my students and parents.

Towards that end, I have structured Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie as a joint endeavor between my students, parents, and my own family. I hold financial and all other responsibility for the business, but I see all of my students as partners in the operation of the school.

In the past we have had school meetings where we discuss plans for the future of the school and how to achieve them. Our sixth anniversary will be on April 1. Maybe that would be a good time to do renew this tradition. Perhaps we’ll wait until May so we can have it outdoors.

The topic at hand: I really don’t charge for classes or testing or anything. My bottom line is that the information and lessons that I have to teach should be freely available to everyone.

The reality of the situation is that in order to survive, we need money. Tuition goes towards the support of the school. From that, I cover testing (up to black-brown belt) uniforms, facility costs, marketing, salaries, etc. This is SO different from the way that most businesses operate that it can be difficult for people to understand (or even believe).

We have recently dismantled our tuition schedule and left it up to the individual to decide what they can pay. I give a ballpark figure and most people decide to use that one. Some pay more, some less. All in all, it works well for us and I don’t see it changing much in the near future.

In case you were wondering, the model for this business plan is the old martial art schools and temples in Asia. Aspiring students would come to learn and wait at the gates. They would either be accepted or rejected. If accepted, they would come and live at the school. They would help in the garden, kitchen, clean and so on, and learn a little bit at a time. Eventually, as newer students came in to do more of the day to day work, more time was spent training. As students progressed, they helped with the teaching and maybe even became the master themselves one day.

I’m not ready to build a school on this model exactly yet, but the one we’re working from is a start.

From the archives: Americanization

Originally posted in February of 2013, this little
article is full of hope and pride, I think.
And it only mentions politics once.

Have you ever hear someone use the word “Americanized” as an insult? Maybe not directly, but in an insulting way?

I have, and it’s getting harder for me to keep quiet about it when it happens. Here’s why.

When someone laments the “Americanization” of something, they are speaking from a culturally conservative point of view. They feel like the old ways are becoming extinct. American popular culture is replacing traditional culture. While I agree that this is a regrettable process in many ways, to blame this on America (as a whole) is lazy and misguided.

The thing is, this very conservative view assumes that pop-culture and maybe current trends and styles represent “America.”

The qualities that define America are much deeper than the disposable pop-culture that most people see as “American.” In my view, America is about:

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Determination
  • Ingenuity
  • Exploration
  • Inspiration

Obviously not all Americans nor everything American has every one of these qualities. We need look no further than the rape of the indigenous cultures of the American continents to see this. And it still continues. Politicians abuse their power in the face of American ideals. Look up Leonard Peltier for an example.

Pop Culture is about none of these ideals. It is primarily about making money. I’m sure that some who are involved in the artistic side of things might be coming from a place of creativity (innovation and passion), but I see much more exploitation than anything else.

Our forefathers and mothers came here to make things better for themselves and their descendants. I know that I’m an optimist, but I still look at things in that respect. If we are to honor the best of what our ancestors stood for, then we should explore that spirit of adventure that they must have possessed.

We need to:

  • Show integrity in our business and personal relationships.
  • Learn what ignites our passion and build our lives around that.
  • Live the spirit of innovation in our daily lives.
  • Decide what we want out of life and exercise our determination in filling our goals.
  • Use our ingenuity to make things happen.
  • Explore possibilities in our own lives.
  • Inspire our children to be better people than we are or can even conceive of being.

Finally, I humbly submit that the world needs more Americanization, not less. Not the fast food, plasticized, high-octane pop-culture, but the values that led people to explore and make things better. Not the pillaging of a continent, but the quest for a better tomorrow. Not glossy marketing, but close relationships and creativity. Not frantic homogeneity, but individual expressions of truth and honoring the same in others.

That is the best of America.

Referral Credit

Brother and sister begin practicing at Kuk Sool Won of Muncie.

The toughest part about running a martial art school is getting new students in the door. The newspaper is all but dead; most people use ad blockers on their browsers, billboards are crazy expensive, and I refuse to advertise via text message or autodialers.

I depend on my blog and word of mouth as my main means of finding new business. With our location problems, I honestly haven’t worked very hard to generate new business in the past few years.

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Consider this the obligatory paragraph where I promise to be better at blogging and keeping the site updated.

I want to share with you some of the things that are going on with me right now. Nothing life-threatening, but it is impacting my training.


So, I’ve been suffering from a skin condition on my hands for the past year. It makes them ugly (blisters and peeling skin) and painful.  I went to the doctor last summer and got nothing but a steroid cream that helped the symptoms, but did nothing to fix the real problem.

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Added Training

2017 Kuk Sool Won of Muncie team at the Midwest Tournament in St. Louis, Missouri.

I originally posted this last September. With the MidWest Tournament knocking at the door, and World Tournament in October, I thought it deserved a re-post.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, right?

How do you get to the world championships?

Same answer.

Coming to class is the first, most important thing.

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