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  • So…Ukraine?


    Yeah. I think it’s important. No, I’m not Ukrainian. No, I don’t know any Ukrainians. And, no, I don’t think my little contribution will change anything globally.

  • How much should martial art classes cost?

    How much should martial art classes cost?

    With the state of the economy and other things considered, it is not surprising that people value martial art classes so little. If I could, I’d set the price of gasoline lower than it is, despite the fact that I would have a very hard time functioning without it.

  • Debut Novel

    Debut Novel

    Last February, after working for over a decade, I published my first novel, Flight. It’s available wherever you buy books. All the online stores have the eBook. Books-A-Million can order it for you from Ingram, and the library can get both physical copies and eBooks through their normal channels. My author’s name for this project…

  • Summer Camp Lesson: Balance

    Summer Camp Lesson: Balance

    When it comes down to it, martial art is about balance. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about protecting yourself from violence, getting fit, or learning to meditate; balance is the key. Questions: What is martial art? What is different about Kuk Sool Won™? What do you mean by balance? How does this apply to…

  • Spray Attacks on Local Women

    Spray Attacks on Local Women

    Recently I’ve heard multiple frightening reports of women being sprayed with drug-laced mists in local department stores. Some accounts involve a single man ambushing a lone woman with a mist directly to her face/facemask, others describe two men-one smaller seemingly nice man asking for help finding the right scent cologne, deodorant, or room spray and…

  • Women’s Self-Defense

    Women’s Self-Defense

    We believe women and girls were made to be valued, not victimized, and even though we might not know you yet, we think you believe that too.  Even so, the current global statistics ….

  • No Fighting

    No Fighting

    I’ve talked in the past about the term “fighters” and how Muncie and East-Central Indiana have produced some of the best full-contact fighters in the world. I’m not here to take anything away from them or combat sports. I need to make it clear, however, that that is not what we do. I’m not a…

  • KSWoM now at Studio Evolution

    Located at 5200 N. Wheeling Avenue, Studio Evolution is the new home of Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie.

  • You Won Hwa – From theory to practice.

    You Won Hwa – From theory to practice.

    I was in a weird situation recently and didn’t realize until later that I had used Kuk Sool Won™ to defend myself. Without going into unnecessary detail, I was attacked verbally by someone in a position of authority. It did not go well at first. I was completely unprepared for an attack, verbal or otherwise.…

  • Super Summer Special

    Super Summer Special

    Kuk Sool Won™ is a martial art system that teaches discipline and respect as it increases aerobic fitness, strength, and mobility, all while learning powerful self-defense skills. Our Super Summer Special offers twelve weeks of martial art classes plus a uniform for only $199. Call or text 765.717.0065 or email Info@KukSoolWonOfMuncie.com to get started!

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