This is the home for the most progressive, yet traditionally effective, martial art system in Muncie.

Fitness with a Kick!

We offer the finest choice in martial art education. Whether your interest is martial art training for fitness, self-defense, discipline, or self-confidence, we have the program for you!

What is Kuk Sool Won™?

It is simply the systematic study of the traditional martial arts of Korea (which include family styles, Royal Court martial art, and Buddhist Temple martial art). You may visit the website of the World Kuk Sool Association by clicking HERE. In Hyuk Suh founded our organization and organized the syllabus to allow the practitioner to discover the art gradually for him or herself.

Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie Traditional Korean Martial Art is proud to serve the Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, and Winchester area. We firmly believe that we offer the finest in family-oriented martial art education and training in East Central Indiana!

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