Midwest Tournament Plans from Shiljang Nim Krystal

I want to update everyone on our plans for the weekend of the Midwest Tournament in St. Louis, April 24th through the 26th. Jido Kwang Jang Nim Jack Harvey, who runs Kuk Sool Won of St. Louis with his wife, Joo Im Kwang Jang Nim Lee Harvey, usually arranges a really good rate for us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the airport.

Blackbelts and Dahnbo Nims doing push-ups during testing.

Unfortunately, another large event is happening this year on our tournament weekend and our usual hotel was already booked by the time KJN Jack talked to them. They did the best they could and arranged for a block of rooms to be reserved at the Ameristar Casino.

For several reasons, we decided not to book a room there. Kyosa Nim Ken wasn’t crazy about the idea to begin with, but also our older kids, Kyosa Nim Chip and Jokyo Nim Kassie, are coming along with their spouses and our grandson.Students lining up for tournament.

To save money and provide a more family friendly environment, we have decided to rent a house instead of getting a hotel. I think we’ll be pushing the limits of residency at the house, but we will open meal times if anyone would like to join us. Also, we are planning some other activities besides Blackbelt Testing the Midwest Kuk Sool Won Tournament, and anyone who would like to join us is certainly welcome!


Here’s our itinerary as it stands:

  • We plan to leave Muncie late Thursday afternoon.
  • Friday morning we will tour the Chocolate Factory
  • Friday afternoon we want to see the Wolf Preserve.
  • Blackbelt Testing is Friday evening.
  • Chef Kassie is preparing a meal on the grill after testing.
  • Saturday, all day, is the tournament
  • Rather than going out, we’re having another meal at the house that evening
  • Sunday we’ll check out and visit the City Museum before heading home.
Chef working with flaming pan
JKN Kassie hard at work

There’s a LOT to do in St. Louis, even on Sundays. If you don’t like what we’ve got planned, talk to
Google and find something else that your family might like to do.

Feel free to email me, Shiljang Nim Krystal, if you have questions about Tournament Weekend or anything else. I’d love to hear from you!





Agree? Disagree? Want more information? Let me know.

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