Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie

If you are looking for information about the most progressively taught, yet traditionally effective martial art system in Muncie, then you have come to the right place!

Fitness with a Kick!

We offer the finest choice in martial art education. Whether your interest is martial art training for fitness, self-defense, discipline, or self-confidence, we have the program for you!

What is Kuk Sool Won™?

It is simply the systematic study of the traditional martial arts of Korea (which include family styles, Royal Court martial art, and Buddhist Temple martial art). You may visit the website of the World Kuk Sool Association by clicking HERE. In Hyuk Suh founded our organization and organized the syllabus to allow the practitioner to discover the art gradually for him or herself.

Kuk Sool Won™ of Muncie Traditional Korean Martial Art is proud to serve the Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, and Winchester area. We firmly believe that we offer the finest in family oriented martial art education and training in East Central Indiana!

You may visit us on Facebook, email questions or comments to Info@KukSoolWonOfMuncie.com. If you would rather speak by phone, first send a text to 765.387.9121. I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

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Introductory Program

Regardless whether you are familiar with the martial arts or a total beginner, this is the place to start. I designed our Introductory Program for people who are new to Kuk Sool Won™, to get their feet wet and learn the basics of our art and how we teach.

Nobody likes to feel silly and, honestly, sometimes things in the martial art world seem designed for just that purpose. Walking into a room full of people who are comfortable yelling and jumping around in weird clothes can be a little intimidating.

Embarrassing Things about Martial Art Classes:

1. A lot of the instructions given are in a foreign language (Korean).

2. You may be partnered with people who actually know martial arts.

3. Other people may be watching.

I understand.

I, of course, love martial art training. I know that it will benefit practically anyone. I have seen it change lives and deepen relationships. I have even seen friends, who met through martial arts, get married.

I want to make this as easy as possible for you. That’s why I designed this program with the best possible value I could, to ease the new student into martial art training gently and naturally. Here’s how it works. First, we schedule you for two semi-private lessons.

These lessons will:

1. Teach you the fundamentals of Kuk Sool.

2. Give you a head start on the material that the other students will be working on.

3. Familiarize you with the terms and phrases used.

4. Provide a solid foundation for success!

Then, after you know what to expect, you will have the opportunity to participate in a regular martial art class. Not only are physical skills taught and emphasized, but also the character building skills that illustrate the necessity of self-control and discipline. You’ll be in there, learning new skills right along with other people just like you. And whether this is for you or a child in your life, you will feel proud knowing that you are doing something that will benefit your family.

To sum up:

The Introductory Course is two semi-private lessons, and one regular martial art class, no uniform required. After this introduction to our school, if you are not thrilled with the instruction that you or your child received, you may walk away with no obligation to continue.

If, however, like nearly everyone who takes this course, you feel that the life lessons and the fitness benefits are worth the modest investment, then we would be honored to serve you. I hope that you’ll take advantage of this offer. You may either text me at 765.387.9121 (this is a Google phone number, not good for voice) or email Info@KukSoolWonOfMuncie.com to schedule your Introductory Course or request a phone call.

I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to pass on to you some of the benefits that my family and I have gained from participation in Kuk Sool Won™.


Contact Us

You may visit us on Facebook, email questions or comments to Ken@KukSoolWonOfMuncie.com, or feel free to call at 765.387.9121.

Or, fill out the information below and drop us a line, ask a question, or give feedback on the website.

Scholarship Program

Occasionally families visit the school who would love to join the school but can’t afford the tuition. I created this program to allow them to give their time and skills to the school or the community to “pay it forward.” In other words, in return for discounted tuition (up to 100%), scholarship students perform acts of service, usually to help the community in some way.river

I’m thinking of projects like a river clean-up, volunteering at a homeless shelter, food bank, or some other type of community outreach project.

I’ll use this page to chronicle some of their projects.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship for you or your family, please click here.

If you are a community leader and would like to suggest projects for our scholarship students, please click here.